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Mezza Travel Pack

Award-winning, Creative Design Award, LibanPack 2015

This was made for the one who travel, who always take food back with them in tupperware which ends up ruining the food. The Mezzas are served on an aluminum plate, that can be heated. It’s placed in a cardboard box that is thick enough to resist shock and temperature change.


One large pack contains 6 connected cardboard boxes. The boxes fold onto one another to save space and be more resistant to shock. They can be detached from one another. There is also a handle on the side to make it deliverable. For this packaging, I have worked on three vegetarians Mezza. I tried give it a feel of craftsmanship. The common colors are natural. Each food is color-coded: There is a play of typography whether it’s the font, the font size or the direction.


Client: Goodies

Primary Package: 1 plate (17.6x5.6x5.6cm)

Aluminum Secondary Package: 6 boxes (18x6x6cm)

Corrugated cardboard Tertiary Package: 1 pack (18x18x12cm) Cardboard