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Sleeping Gazelles

Sleeping Gazelles

Sleeping Gazelles is a play directed by Lina Abyad. It is an odyssey that begins somewhere in Germany going backwards to end somewhere in Syria. The text is based on interviews conducted with refugees, poems written by a writer that was once imprisoned by the government and message a man leaves to his wife, Sameera El Khalil who has been kidnapped by ISIS.


The printed material that I designed should in no way reflect the darkness of the play itself, this explains the pastel, light colors and the floral patterns. However, if you take a closer look at the pattern, you will notice that the different elements aren't so joyful after all. In fact, nostalgia is represented through the Jasmine flowers, very common in Syria. The algae, inspired by Matisse's work, represent the dangerous and life threatening journey from Syria to Europe. Finally, the chains are a reminder of the oppressive Syrian regime