Raeda Taha during the performance.
  Ali Taha, tourist guide.
  Ali Taha's funeral 1/4
  Ali Taha's funeral 2/4
  Ali Taha's funeral 3/4
  Ali Taha's funeral 4/4
  Raeda Taha and Yasser Arafet
  When Yasser Arafet came to pay his condolecances, he asked the 8-year old Raeda what she wanted to be when she would grow up. She answered "Space-Raeda". He told her that she was going to be the Palestinian Valentina Terechkova.
  Ali Taha's widow was taking a lot of pills after her husband's death.
  Fathiyeh couldn't help but fall in love with her husband, Ali. 
  The departed husband .
  The Wedding .
  Letter from Ali before leaving.
  The team.
  The martyrs that were killed .
  "3ammo Ghazi" an important father figure in Raeda's life, who would tell her stories growing up, only to find out later that they were actually Tintin stories.
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